Balance Bike for Kids

Hoozar specialises in high end competitively priced kids balance bikes that will encourage a lifelong love for cycling. Our first edition the Hoozar Cruz 12 toddler balance bike is incredibly lightweight at only 3.2kg. It is the UK's lightest 12" balance bike for a 2 year old with a footrest and brake. The Cruz 12 builds confidence and inspires kids to enjoy freedom and adventure from as young as 18 months old.

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Balance Bikes for 1, 2, 3, 4 year olds

The Cruz 12 boys and girls balance bike comes in three colours blazing blue, Pop pink and Hot red , has a long seatpost with an inside leg measurement of 30-46cm perfect over and under 2 year old. It weighs only 3.2kg and has two air-filled 12 inch tyres, making it both lightweight and durable. We are so confident that the Hoozar Cruz 12 is the best 12" toddler balance bike on the market that we have compared ourselves against all the top brands.

What's the Best Balance Bike?

We believe that the Hoozar Cruz 12 is the best boys and girls balance bike currently on the market. We are so confident in our product we have compared ourselves with the top 10 balance bike brands in the UK. So if you are looking for a balance bike for a 2 year old or 3 year old you have come to the right place. Check out how our balance bike for toddlers stack up vs other brands.

Bike Brand Hoozar Frog balance bike Strider balance bike Isla balance bike Specialized balance bike Halfords balance bike Argos balance bike Chicco balance bike Puky balance bike Smyths balance bike
Model Cruz 12 Tadpole Strider 12 Pro Rothan 12 Hotwalk Carrera Coast Huffy 12inch chicco Red Bullet LRM Learner Q Play Racer
Price £159 £210 £160 £200 £139 £80 £40 £35.30 £70 £50
Weight (Kg) 3.2kg 4.17Kg 2.5Kg 3.1Kg 4.3Kg 3.9Kg 5Kg 2.7Kg 3.5Kg 4.1Kg
Rear V-Brake
Air filled Tyres
Scoop seat
Steering Restrictor
Stem Protector
Bell Bell
Self-Assembly Easy Easy Hard Easy Unknown Easy Hard Hard Medium Hard

Ultra lightweight frame & forks

The Cruz 12 has an aluminium frame weighing only 3.2kg so your kid will find it easy to pick up, manoeuvre and get gliding in no time. Even a 2 year old can lift it over steps.

Balance bike with brake & footrest

The Hoozar Cruz 12 is built with high quality child specific parts and includes a footrest and rear brake, providing the perfect practice step towards riding a 2 wheel pedal bike.

Handle bars and stem

The Hoozar Cruz 12 has an easy-to-pull brake lever, comfortable grips and a bell along the handle bars. As part of the 16 safety features it also has a steering restrictor and a padded protector on the stem.

Wheels and tyres

All Hoozar toddler balance bikes have air-filled tyres perfect for tackling bumpy all terrain ground with incredible ease. Aluminium hubs are secured to the frame with low profile wheel bolts and all valve caps on the tyres have been removed for added safety.

Progressive seat

The Cruz 12 has an adjustable height quick release seat with an inside leg measurement of 30-46cm, allowing the bike to grow with your toddler so its perfect if you are looking for a balance bike for a 2 year old or 3 year old just mane sure you check their inner leg measurement. The scooped seat adds comfort and stability as kids move from standing to sitting and eventually gliding.

Balance Bike FAQs

It is a pedal-less bike. It consists of 2 wheels, handlebars, frame and forks, with some balance bikes adding a brake and footrest. In order to move along kids must push off the ground with their feet to propel them forward.

Balance bikes don’t have training wheels. Many experts now believe balance bikes to be better than stabilisers in building confidence and developing good balance and coordination in young children.

In the initial stages kids have their feet on the ground and will hold onto the handles and walk with the bike so they can develop their balance and coordination. This will quickly progress to gliding and striding. So eventually with the help of the footrest your kid will be able to balance with both feet off the ground.

In their exploration of a balance bike kids will usually stand over the bike frame and walk as thier first step. Don't force them to sit - this can often lead to resistance. This may be their longest learning stage so don't push them onto the next stage until they are full comfortable standing and walking. Follow your childs lead and provide them with lots of opportunities to practice.

In time your kid will sit on the balance bike seat. But most likely continue with walking. It is at this stage the realisation that if they want to pick up speed they can do so kicks in, and the real fun begins! Bring your child to the park with other children so they can practice together, gently encouraging them to move a little quicker if they feel ready. If frustration starts to creep in then it might be worth sticking to balance bike adventures on thier own rather than around other kids. Again, let your child lead the way.

Once your kid is sitting on the balance bike and moving along at a quicker speed you can introduce them to the footrest and brake if you have not already done so. Encouraging them to lift their feet off so they can glide along with good balance, put their feet up on the footrest and when needed pull on the rear brake to come to a safe stop. It is advised that you take your kid to open areas where they have lots of space to practice, and educate them on where they can or cannot ride.

The last stage of learning to ride a balance bike is certainly the most exciting and thrilling stage of the process, and possibly the most tiring for you as you try to keep up! It is at this stage that you can take your kid to places where they can go over bumps, hills, more challening surface, possibly use the footrest to stand themself up, and maybe even enter competitions!

The best piece of advice is don't rush your kid. This process should be fun and joyful.

At Hoozar bikes we have made assembly as easy as possible with just a few steps to work through and the aid of a clear user manual.

Tools are included and the main step is twisting and tightening the handlbars into place, and adjusting the seat to the correct height.

Step 1

Unbox your bike and aquaint yourself with the different parts. Take your time unboxing so that you can use the box itself for cycle cones. Remove all packaging materials and bubble wrap.

Step 2

Once all parts have been taken out you should find the balance bike fully put together and a 5mm Allen wrench for tightening as required.

Step 3

Adjust the seat according to the kid. At the sitting position, the kid's feet will be placed flat on the ground with a very slight bend in the knee.

Step 4

Twist and tighten the handlebars into place.

Step 5

Safety check. It is important to check the handlebar and seat are nicely aligned and no wobbling, and that the brake is easy to pull.

Check out the video on how to create cycle cones from the box that the Hoozar cruz 12 balance bike comes in

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